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From the blog

Stripe payments seems to be a good alternative to other online payment gateways but too bad is still not supported in the middle east i imagine that this could be possible in 2 to 5 years maybe
The API allows developers to vibrate a device (in a pattern) for a given duration. The vibration API is implemented in navigator.vibrate. So calling the function makes your phone vibrate.
If your modifying your .htaccess file be ready for surprises when testing on Firefox the issues i faced
Grid is a simple guide to responsive design. By following those simple steps, you are on the path to responsive web design mastery. Keep practicing and help make the web a better, more useable place.
Croppic is an image cropping jquery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more.
Tip Cards plugin let you create a layout of cards with a card-like interaction that you see on Google Tips Page.